Series RHRS Outside Air Humidity Radiation Shield

6 or 10 Plate Design, Integral Pipe Mounting Kit

The SERIES RHRS Radiation Shield protects outside air humidity transmitters from rain and radiated heat. With the curved shape and color of the plates, air flow is able to move across the sensor to keep radiated temperatures from rooftops and surrounding surfaces from affecting humidity readings.

Product Applications

  • Building outside air reference
  • Weather stations

Models & Ordering

Model Description Usually Ships Price Order
Ships: Next Day
Price: $40.00
6 plate solar radiation shield for sintered filter version RH transmitters. Next Day $40.00 Order
Ships: Next Day
Price: $85.00
10 plate radiation shield for humidity transmitters Next Day $85.00 Order


  • Adjustable sensor mounting collar works with Dwyer RHP sintered filter outdoor air humidity transmitters or other RH devices
  • Universal mount fits 3/4" to 1-1/2" pipe or flat surfaces


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