Portable Wind Meter

Ideal for yachtsmen, outdoors men, farmers, etc. A welcome gift. Use anywhere. Direct reading, no calculations. Hold meter at eye level, back of unit to wind. White ball in tube indicates wind speed. Meter has two scales for maximum accuracy and easy reading - low, 2-10 and high, 4-66 mph range. For high range, cover hole with finger. Pocket size, sturdy plastic, has case.

Dimensions: 5/8"W X 6-3/4"H X 17/32"D.

Models & Ordering

Model Number Description
WIND METER-KNOT Portable wind meter, knots scale.
WIND METER-KPH Portable wind meter, KPH scale.
WIND METER-MPH Portable wind meter, MPH scale.
WIND METER-MPS Portable wind meter, MPS scale.


Model Number Description
A-376 Replacement floats for Windmeter, tube of 3.

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