Series SG3A Sanitary Pressure Gage

3-A Approved, All Stainless Steel Sanitary Connections

This product is no longer available, please email: Tech Support for a replacement product.


Compatible gasses and liquids.
Wetted Materials:
316L stainless steel.
Case and Ring:
300 series polished stainless steel.
2-1/2": Polycarbonate; 2": Glass.
Aluminum, black figures on white background.
USP Glycerin (optional), not available on 2" dial gage.
Standard Seal 1.5% for ranges 100 psi and above. 2% for compound ranges and below 100 psi.
Pressure Limits:
Working pressure should not exceed 75% of the range. If pulsation occurs, working pressure should not exceed 65% of range.
Temperature Limits:
25 to 300°F (-3.9 to 148.9°C), process temperature; for the 3/4" connection: 40 to 120°F (4.4 to 48.9°C).
Connection Location:
Bottom connection; Back connection (optional).
Process Connection:
3/4" or 1-1/2".
Dial Size:
2" or 2-1/2".
0.75 lb (.34 kg) to 2.0 lb (.91 kg) dry depending on size. Add 0.25 lb (.11 kg) for glycerin fill.
Agency Approvals:
3-A Symbol Authorization.

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