Series SAFR Subminiature Air Pressure Regulator

Air Regulator, Compact and Light Weight, Low Cost

The Series SAFR is a miniature air pressure regulator that provides the highest level of regulation accuracy and repeatability available in a compact, lightweight body. This is ideal for applications that require exact pressure control and substantial flow capacity under variable operating conditions and limited space.

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Models & Ordering

Model Description Usually Ships Price Order
Ships: Next Day
Price: $88.50
Range 0.7 to 30 psig (0.05 to 2 BAR) Next Day $88.50 Order
Ships: Consult Factory
Price: $88.50
Range 1.4 to 60 psig (0.1 to 4 BAR) Consult Factory $88.50 Order
Ships: Next Day
Price: $88.50
Range 1.4 to 120 psig (0.1 to 8 BAR) Next Day $88.50 Order
Ships: Next Day
Price: $15.25
Mounting Bracket Next Day $15.25 Order


Air only.
Wetted Materials:
> Body: Aluminum alloy, chromate and epoxy paint;
Diaphragm: Nitrile elastomer;
Trim: Zinc plated steel;
Additional Materials: Brass, aluminum, SS, zinc plated steel.
> 0.7 to 30 psig (0.05 to 2 BAR);
1.4 to 60 psig (0.1 to 4 BAR);
1.4 to 120 psig (0.1 to 8 BAR).
Max. Supply Pressure:
150 psig (10 BAR).
Temperature Limits:
0 to 160°F (-18°C to 71°C).
0.25 in wc (6.4 mm wc).
6.0 scfh (170NI/min) max. at 150 psig (10 BAR) supply change.
Flow Capacity:
14 scfm (396 NI/min).
Exhaust Capacity:
7 scfm (199 NI/min).
Process Connection:
1/8" in, out, gage (2) female NPT.
0.35 lb (0.16 kg).

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Do the MPR Miniature Pressure Regulators require a constant flow of air on the outlet? i.e. can they be used to pressurize something to a specific pressure? We have some tanks that need to be pressurized to specific pressure-anything over which would cause damage. If these regulators are set to the desired pressure, will they equalize out once that pressure in the tank has been obtained?
The MPR series miniature pressure regulators are designed for a constant flow of air on the outlet. They can limit or control the pressure going out, but they are not capable of monitoring pressure downstream of the device and controlling the system pressure accordingly.

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