Adjustable Pressure Snubber

Protect Instruments from Pressure Spikes or Fluid Hammer

The Adjustable Pressure Snubbers protect pressure instruments against fluctuations, surges, spikes and fluid hammer. The fine thread adjustable valve allows you to fine tune harmful harmonic vibration from the fluid systems and isolate the instrument from process when service or replacement is necessary. These Pressure Snubbers are designed to provide fully field adjustable dampening. By using our Adjustable Pressure Snubbers, you will alleviate surges and pulsations to assure steady pressure readings and extend the life of your instrument.

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Not Available Order
A-251 Pressure snubber, brass, 1/4" male/female BSPT. Consult Factory $17.00 Order
A-252 Pressure snubber, brass, 3/8" male/female BSPT. Consult Factory $19.00 Order
A-253 Pressure snubber, brass, 1/2" male/female BSPT. Consult Factory $19.00 Order
A-255 Pressure snubber, brass, 3/8" male/female NPT. Consult Factory $19.00 Order


Compatible liquids and gases.
Wetted Parts:
Brass or 316 SS.
Pressure Limits:
5690 psi (392 bar).
Temperature Limits:
-4 to 302°F (-20 to 150°C).
Process Connections:
See Dimensional Drawing.
8.4 oz (238 g).

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