Series A-320 Instrument Enclosure

Protects Various Instruments

Series A-320 Instrument Enclosure protects instruments in all applications. The A-320-A fits standard Magnehelic® size instruments (4-9/16" diameter) and the A-320-B fits standard 3000MR Photohelic® switch/gage size instruments (4-13/16" diameter). Both models include silicone tubing, gage barbs and mounting hardware.

Models & Ordering

Model Description Usually Ships Price Code Order
Ships: Same Day
Price: $167.00
Enclosure for Series 2000 Magnehelic® Gages, DM-2000 Differential Pressure Transmitter, 4-9/16" (115.89 mm). Same Day $167.00 B Order
Ships: Same Day
Price: $225.00
Enclosure for 3000MR/MRS Photohelic® Switch/Gage, 605 Magnehelic® DP Transmitter, DH3 Digihelic® Pressure Controller, 2000 Magnehelic® Gage with medium and high pressure options, 4-13/16" (122.24 mm). Same Day $225.00 B Order


Process Connections:
Anondized aluminum.
Enclosure Rating:
NEMA 1 (IP10). Note: Check instruments rating.
Model A-320-A: 11.29 oz (320 g); A-320-B: 16.23 oz (420 g).
Gage Size Opening:
>A-320-A: 4-9/16 in (115.89 mm);
A-320-B: 4-13/16 in (122.24 mm).

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