Sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific difference between two pressures. Can also be used for single pressure.

Series 1800
Low Differential Pressure Switch for General Industrial Service

Set Points from 0.07" to 85" w.c. Repetitive Accuracy within 2%
Series 1900
Compact Low Differential Pressure Switch

Set Points from 0.07" to 20" w.c., Repetitive Accuracy within 3%
Series 1950
Explosion-proof Differential Pressure Switch

Compact, Low Cost, Explosion-proof and Weatherproof
Series H3
Explosion-Proof Differential Pressure Switch

Setpoints from 10" w.c. to 200 psid – Rated 1500 psig, Weatherproof
Series 1950G
Explosion-proof Differential Pressure Switch

Explosion-proof, Weatherproof, Compatible with Natural Gases
Series 1620
Single and Dual Pressure Switch

High Reliability, Repetitive Accuracy within ±1%
Series 1630
Large Diaphragm Differential Pressure Switches

Visual Set Point Adjustment in 5 Standard Ranges, 0.05" to 12" w.c. Repetitive Accuracy within ±1%
Series 1640
Floating Contact Null Switch for High and Low Actuation

Visual Set Point Adjustment, Adjustable Null Zone
Series DP
Double Bellows Differential Pressure Switch

Visible Setpoints, Adjustable or Fixed Deadband . . . High Pressure Ranges
Series PG
Gas Pressure/Differential Pressure Switch

External Adjustment, Visible Dial, Hermetically Sealed Snap or Mercury Switch
Series 1996
Gas Pressure Switch

Compact, Low Cost, Range 1.4-20" w.c.
Series MDS
Miniature Pressure Switch

Shock and Vibration Resistant, Lightweight and Compact, Gold Contacts
Series MDA
Miniature Adjustable Pressure Switch

Adjustable Set Points from 0.1 to 100" of H2O
Series A4
Differential Pressure Switch

Adjustable Set Point, High Overpressure
Series PDPS
Compact Economic Differential Pressure Switch

Low Pressures down to 0.07" w.c.
Series 1700
Low Differential Pressure Switch Designed for OEM Products

Competitively Priced Limit Switch Combines Fast, Simple Installation with Quality Construction and Materials, UL and CSA Recognized
HVAC Differential Pressure Switch

With Dual Scale Field Adjustable Set Point Knob
Series BYDS
Bypass Damper Switch

Controls Zone Static by Modulating Motorized Damper
Series 1831
DPDT Low Differential Pressure Switches

Manual Reset, No Power Required
Series BDPA
Adjustable Differential Pressure Alarm

24 Volt or Battery Powered, Built-in Audible and Visual Alarm
Series DX
Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Switch

NEMA 4X Enclosure, Low Differential Set Points
Series AT11910
ATEX Approved 1910 Differential Pressure Switch

Series 1910 in Flame-Proof ATEX Enclosure
Series AT1ADPS
ATEX Approved ADPS Adjustable Differential Pressure Switch

The ADPS in Flame-Proof ATEX Enclosure
Series AT21823
ATEX Approved 1823 Differential Pressure Switch

The 1823 in Flame-Proof ATEX Enclosure