Series MTL5541 Galvanic Barrier

Intrinsically Safe Isolators for Hazardous Locations

The SERIES MTL5541 Galvanic Barrier provides intrinsically safe isolation for communication with Dwyer® transmitters approved for use in hazardous areas. This galvanic barrier eliminates the need for a high integrity earth ground required when using shunt type diode type safety barriers. DIN rail mounting and plug-in signal and power connectors simplify installation and maintenance.

Product Applications

  • Electrically isolates pressure and level transmitters from unregulated circuits for intrinsically safe applications

Models & Ordering

Model Description Usually Ships Price Code Order
Ships: Same Day
Price: $790.00
Galvanic barrier Same Day $790.00 B Order


Hazardous Area Input:
Signal range: 0 to 24 mA (including over-range); Transmitter voltage: 16.5 V at 20 mA.
Safe Area Output:
Signal range: 4 to 20 mA; Under/over-range: 0 to 24 mA;Load resistance: 0 to 360Ω @ 24 mA, or 0 to 450Ω @ 20 mA; Current sink: 600Ω max.; Maximum Voltage Source: 24 VDC; Output resistance: > 1 MΩ.
Power Requirement:
20 to 35 VDC.
Response Time:
Settles to within 10% of final value within 50 µs.
Current Consumption (20 mA signal):
51 mA @ 24V.
Maximum Power Dissipation (20 mA signal):
0.7 W @ 24 VDC, 1.0 W @ 24 VDC.
250 V RMS, tested at 1500 V RMS minimum, between safe- and hazardous-area terminals; 50 V between safe-area circuits and power supply.
Transfer Accuracy at 68°F (20°C):
Better than 15 µA.
LED Indicator:
Green: Power Indication.
Temperature Limits:
Operating: -6 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C); Storage: -40 to 176°F (-40 to 80°C).
Temperature Drift:
< 0.8µA/°C.
5 to 95% RH.
T-section 35mm DIN rail (7.5 or 15mm) to EN 50022.
Accommodate up to 2.5 mm2 stranded or single-core.
Safety Description:
Vo= 28 V, Io= 93 mA, Po= 651mW, Um= 253 RMS or DC.
150 g.
Agency Approvals:
See table on catalog page.


  • Designed to mount on most standard DIN rails
  • Approved for use in hazardous areas


Model Number Description Usually Ships Price Code Order
Aluminum DIN rail A-360 Aluminum DIN rail Same Day $8.30 Order

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