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Electric Motor Drive Installation and Troubleshooting is designed for technicians in the field responsible for installing, programming, troubleshooting, and retrofitting electric motor drives. This industry-leading resource begins with electric motor principles, power requirements, and control methods and focuses on the safe operation, installation, startup, and troubleshooting of electric motor drives. This new edition provides comprehensive coverage of electric motor drive retrofit procedures and includes proven, real-world application scenarios. Also included is the latest NFPA 70E® safety information. End-of-chapter review questions and activities provide a variety of assessment opportunities.

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  • Learn electric motor drive installation and troubleshooting, including drive theory and applications, installation, testing, and troubleshooting procedures
  • Obtain knowledge on drive programming and on the selection of motor drives for specific applications
  • Contains questions and expanded paper-and-pencil activities at the end of each chapter providing solid assessment
  • A CD-ROM is included that serves as a self-study aid to enhance the text content, it features Quick Quizzes®, Illustrated Glossary, Media Clips, and a link to ATPeResources.com.