Green Facilities Handbook

Reference for Facilities Going Green

Meeting a need in the marketplace for information on both how to operate a sustainable facility and also on carbon reduction, this book will explore why green business is good business, as well as the practical strategies to green your operations in specific areas. Written with the goal of helping you get started right away, the author's approach is to showcase many of the profitable green ideas that businesses can implement quickly. Practical, economical tactics in the areas of water, cleaning, transportation, sustainable design, landscaping, recycling, solar, financing and marketing are examined in an engaging and easy to understand manner. These strategies are designed to allow you to increase your profits AND reduce your organization's environmental impact, from the board room to the boiler room. The book addresses carbon reduction terminology, monitoring and reporting, as well as carbon trading and offset strategies. Financing and "green" marketing will also be covered.

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  • Install and repair thermostats, humidistats, automatic controls, and oil or gas burner controls
  • Learn the best ways to handle hydronics and steam line controls
  • Deal with solid fuels and understand coal firing methods, review pipes, pipe fittings, piping details, valve installation, and duct systems
  • This guidebook covers everything you need to know to install, maintain, and repair the components that run, regulate, and fuel both old and new systems.