Refrigeration Systems and Applications

Reference for Refrigeration Systems

This book provides comprehensive coverage on refrigeration systems and applications, ranging from the fundamental principles of thermodynamics to food cooling applications for a wide range of sectoral utilizations. Energy and exergy analyses as well as performance assessments through energy and exergy efficiencies and energetic and exergetic coefficients of performance are explored, and numerous analysis techniques, models, correlations and procedures are introduced with examples and case studies. There are specific sections allocated to environmental impact assessment and sustainable development studies. Also featured are discussions of important recent developments in the field, including those stemming from the author’s pioneering research. Refrigeration is a uniquely positioned multi-disciplinary field encompassing mechanical, chemical, industrial and food engineering, as well as chemistry. Its wide-ranging applications mean that the industry plays a key role in national and international economies. And it continues to be an area of active research, much of it focusing on making the technology as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible without compromising cost efficiency and effectiveness. This substantially updated and revised edition of the classic text/reference now features two new chapters devoted to renewable-energy-based integrated refrigeration systems and environmental impact/sustainability assessment. All examples and chapter-end problems have been updated as have conversion factors and the thermophysical properties of an array of materials.

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  • Learn to install and service pumps for nearly any application
  • See how pumps are used in robotics, taking advantage of hydraulics to lift larger, heavier load
  • Know the appropriate servicing schedule for different types of pumping equipment
  • This book is a highly useful reference for HVAC engineers and technicians and those who work on domestic hot and cold-water services, gas supply, and steam services.