Testing & Balancing HVAC Air & Water Systems

Reference for HVAC applications

Thoroughly updated and revised, this book will provide the reader with an understanding of the principles and practices of testing and balancing (TAB) heating, ventilating and air conditioning air and water systems. For both the novice and the experienced testing and balancing technician, it is a field reference book of procedures, equations and information tables. The initial section details general and specific balancing procedures for constant air volume systems, variable air volume systems, return air systems, and fans and fan performance. The author then goes on to cover fume hood systems and cleanrooms TAB, commissioning HVAC systems, centrifugal pumps and pump performance, analog and digital controls, and water balancing procedures using flow meters, system components and temperatures. Also examined are fans, pumps, air distribution, water distribution, motors, electrical, fluid flow, psychrometrics, refrigeration, and instrument usage and care. Many useful equations and tables, TAB procedural details, graphics, TAB data and test forms are included.

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  • Gain all the information you will need to evaluate and balance the air and water sides of any HVAC system
  • Contains information of pneumatic, electric, electronic, direct digital and proportional, integral and derivative control systems
  • Learn every aspect of testing, adjusting and balancing, as well as all types of instruments required, and specific methods to adjust constant volume, single zone, dual duct, induction, and variable air volume systems
  • This book provides complete details for the full scope of system components, including fans, pumps, motors, drives and electricity, as well as for balancing devices and instrument usage as well as on testing and balancing clean rooms and HVAC system commissioning.