Series 16B 1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Controller

Dual Control Output, RS-485 Communication, Universal Inputs

Monitor and control temperature or process applications with precision using the Series 16B controllers. The units offer two separate outputs for dual loop control in direct or reverse acting. Select relay, voltage, or current output combined with a second relay output.

The Series 16B provides dual LED displays for local indication of process value and setpoint value. Output status, engineering scale, auto tuning and alarm status is also indicated on the front panel.

Control methods include ON/OFF, PID, self-tune and manual tune. PID control is supported with 64 ramp/soak control actions. Two additional alarm outputs are standard on the Series 16B. The alarm outputs can be quickly configured by using the thirteen built-in alarm functions.

The controller easily communicates with other external devices such as PC's and PLC's for data search and system integration using the built-in RS-485 interface. Up to 247 communication addresses are available with transmission speeds of 2400 to 38,400 bps. The Series 16B also features universal input, selectable °F/°C, selectable resolution and security functions.

Product Applications

  • Control temperature for boilers, damper control based on temperature or pressure.
  • Hot plates/melt pots.
  • Packaging equipment.
  • Environmental chambers.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Food service equipment.

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Model Description Usually Ships* Price Order
Ships: Same Day
Price: $99.00
1/16 DIN temperature/process controller, voltage pulse output 1 and relay output 2. Same Day* $99.00 Order
Ships: Same Day
Price: $99.00
1/16 DIN temperature/process controller, relay outputs 1 and 2. Same Day* $99.00 Order
Ships: Same Day
Price: $99.00
1/16 DIN temperature/process controller, current output 1 and relay output 2. Same Day* $99.00 Order
Ships: Same Day
Price: $99.00
1/16 DIN temperature/process controller, linear voltage output 1 and relay output 2. Same Day* $99.00 Order


Thermocouple, RTD, DC voltages or DC current.
Two 4-digit, 7 segment .25" H (6.35 mm) LED's. PV: red; SV: green.
±0.25% span, ±1 least significant digit.
Supply Voltage:
100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 24 VDC (depending on model).
Power Consumption:
5 VA max.
Operating Temperature:
32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C).
Memory Backup:
Nonvolatile memory.
Control Output Ratings:
Relay: SPST, 5 A @ 250 VAC resistive; Voltage Pulse: 14 V, 10% to -20% (max 40 mA); Current: 4 to 20 mA.
RS-485 Modbus® A-5-11/RTU communication protocol.
4 oz (114 g).
Agency Approvals:
CE, RoHS, cUL, UL.
Front Panel Rating:


  • Universal input accepts process transmitters, RTD’s or thermocouple signals
  • On/off, PID, or manual output control
  • RS-485 standard on all models
  • Stage control program for up to 64 ramp/soak actions


Model Number Description Usually Ships* Price Order
Configuration software. SCD-SW Configuration software. Same Day $35.00 Order
Precision resistor, 250 ohm. A-277 Precision resistor, 250 ohm. Same Day $7.00 Order
Mini-Node™ RS-485 to USB converter. MN-1 Mini-Node™ RS-485 to USB converter. Same Day $77.50 Order
R/C snubber (recommended for inductive loads like a solenoid or contactor). A-600 R/C snubber (recommended for inductive loads like a solenoid or contactor). Same Day $18.75 Order





We are trying to program a temperature control and receive the following message - Communication error > address 01: no response from controller at register 795 (031A). What could be causing this error?
The register 795 is a Modbus register. One of the reasons why there is a communication error is the -992 for the RS-485 communication is LOVELINK Protocol, if you are trying to communicate with Modbus® protocol, it will not work. See the LoveLink™III Software.
How to change the selectable °F/°C on a series 16B love control.
Please see page 20 in the instruction manual. The parameter to change from °F to °C is TPUn. This parameter will only be available if your inPT is the Thermocouple or RTD as stated.

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