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Gage fluids in the 1 ounce size are furnished in unbreakable plastic dispenser type bottles. Larger sizes are supplied in plastic bottles with screw caps. CAUTION: Use only Dwyer fluids in Dwyer gages.

Red Gage Fluid, .826 sp. gr., is the standard fluid for use in inclined manometers, "D" type vertical manometers and all Dwyer gages using red fluid.

Blue Gage Fluid, 1.910 sp. gr. For special instruments and Mark II Models 26 and 28.

Fluorescein Green Color Concentrate, water coloring agent. Not to be used full strength. Add 3/4 oz to a quart of distilled water. Contains a wetting agent to improve the meniscus characteristics. Use in vertical manometers only.

Click here, if you require a Safety Data Sheet for the Fluorescein Green Concentrate, Blue Gage Fluid, Violet Gage Fluid or the Red Gage Fluid.

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Ships: Next Day
Price: $7.10
1 oz dispenser bottle of red gage fluid, .826 sp. gr. Next Day $7.10 Order
Ships: Next Day
Price: $13.50
4 oz bottle of red gage fluid, .826 sp. gr. Next Day $13.50 Order
Ships: Next Day
Price: $31.25
1 pt bottle of red gage fluid, .826 sp. gr. Next Day $31.25 Order
Ships: Next Day
Price: $58.50
1 qt bottle of red gage fluid, .826 sp. gr. Next Day $58.50 Order

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We are using a Durablock inclined manometer with a range of 0-0.25" of water. What is considered a normal response time to steady state? We are seeing times of 1 minute whereas the manual states 'a few seconds'. Gage fluid is well beyond the recommended three years. Do I need fresh (i.e. new) gage fluid? My supply is as old as what's in the manometer.
The manometers have a response time that is dependent on the length of tubing, so a response time of a minute is not uncommon. You may want to check your fittings to make sure there is not a clog present. The gage fluid has a lifespan of three years before the inherent properties start to change, so it is suggested to replace it. A one ounce bottle of fluid is p/n A-101.

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