Series 7R Temperature Controller

Low Cost, Choose Direct or Reverse Acting

Low Cost Series 7R Temperature Controller provides excellent process control when combined with the Hi-Flow™ Pneumatic Control Valve. This rugged unit utilizes time proven bi-metal technology and can be installed in any position for application flexibility. The tamper resistant knob assures reliable, continuous operation. Precision gages provide accurate indication of supply pressure as it passes into the controller and outlet pressure into the pneumatic actuator.


Supply Pressure:
20 psig (1.37 bar).
Temperature Range:
32 to 250°F (0 to 121°C).
3 to 15 psi (0.21 to 1.03 bar).
Wetted Materials:
304 Stainless Steel.
Process Connection:
3/4" male NPT union hub.
Air Connections:
1/8" female NPT.
4.125 lbs (1.87 kg).
Temperature Setpoint Scale:
Arbitrary linear.
Standard Features:
Pneumatic input and output gages.
Caution: Use of a supply gas other than air can create a hazardous environment because a small amount of gas is continuously vented to atmosphere.

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