Keeping an Eye on Your Remote Level Applications

The Dwyer Model ULTM Mobile Ultrasonic Level Monitor features an ultrasonic level sensor with embedded GSM cellular communication capabilities.  This unit provides customized alerts and reports from remote locations where level monitoring is necessary.   By incorporating a user supplied active mobile SIM card (supports AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards) the ULTM offers a cellular link for transmission of measured data, SMS text alerts, as well as a USB port for quick setup and local monitoring.  The Model ULTM is a cost-effective solution perfect for remote monitoring in applications such as fuel theft detection and river flood alerts.

Knowing the level of a remote tank may mean the difference in saving money.  A perfect example would be an agriculture application.  Often times it is advantageous to store chemicals and petroleum products right on the farmstead; which helps in production, since there is a local supply of resources to keep planting, harvesting, and other equipment running.  However, these sites can go unstaffed for periods of time.  What happens if one of these storage tanks starts to leak or worse if an unauthorized person is stealing from these sites?  Loss of product, possible legal expenses, fines from environmental agencies, and more would inevitably result in an expensive headache, which could be avoided if using the Model ULTM properly.  By utilizing the ULTM to monitor storage tanks, the user can receive text reports which will show the tank levels on a periodic basis, keeping an eye on the product even when no one is onsite.  Additionally, by programming in an inappropriate level drop rate, the ULTM can provide theft detection alerts by examining the rate of liquid consumption.  These features can offer peace of mind to the farmstead owner/manager worried about the costly implications of a compromised remote storage tank.

Another advantageous usage example of the Model ULTM is when quick rainfall leads to overloaded water utility infrastructure, and high levels in local waterways.  Often times it’s hard to keep an eye on all of the vulnerable locations where the event of flooding or a water backup would wreak havoc on the community.  By using the ULTM to monitor the water level at critical locations in the waterways or sewage systems, a staff manager can be notified on his mobile phone that levels are approaching overflow conditions and can then dispatch staff to those sites.  With a low power requirement, an external battery can be used to power the ULTM.  Additionally, the ULTM features a housing that is fit for harsh weather conditions making installation simple in a variety of locations where infrastructure investments would be required to implement other more conventional types of level monitoring equipment.

Let the Mercoid Model ULTM Mobile Ultrasonic Level Monitor keep an eye on all of your critical level applications.  For more information on the Model ULTM or any Dwyer product, please visit or call 1.800.872.9141 to speak to a technical engineer.