W.E. Anderson Launches Valve Automation Your Way: Feedback from the Field

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These are just a few of the comments Josh Waters, Market Development Manager for Dwyer Instruments, Inc. and myself, Paul Stokes, Business
Development Manager for Valve Automation, have heard as we’ve traveled around to show the new Ball Valve Configurator to our customer base. 
With the December 2013 launch of W.E. Anderson’s Valve Automation series of products, Dwyer Instruments and W.E. Anderson now offers a valve configuration for every application.  The idea of a total valve automation solution is ultimately an extremely attractive proposition to those customers who are not self-proclaimed experts in the industry or merely comfortable dealing with valve automation in general.   Being able to “select” all the components of their valve automation package, much like one would choose when specifying all the options on a new car, fills the need for a simple, easy to understand, method of valve automation selection.
The  Ball Valve Configurator enables the customer to prepare an entire response to a Request For Quotation from a single site.  They can get all the pertinent information, such as the model number, description (including picture), pricing, and delivery.  This alone is impressive, but a wealth of additional information is available, such as instruction and operation manuals, technical data, area classifications, and both PDF/ DWG drawings are included under the Product Page section.
Customers have remarked time and time again that having Dwyer carry the inventory of valve automation components saves them huge outlays in capital expenses, freeing up those funds for use in other areas, and adding profit to their bottom line.  This alone is a major concern for many multi-million dollar distributors, who can have as much as fifty percent of their annual sales in their current inventory.
Finally, when customers see the five-day (or less) delivery guarantee, for the majority of our configurations, they often remark, Really?  Most customers are used to a “standard” delivery of four to eight weeks (or more), and an expedite fee for anything faster.  The speedy delivery availability of W.E. Anderson’s valve packages is probably one of the most attractive and advantageous features we have to offer.
As we continue to visit customers and show them the capabilities of our seven series of products, and the Valve Automation Configurator, we are confident that W.E. Anderson will be your new solution for Valve Automation Your Way!