Reinventing the Wheel to Create a Complete Instrumentation Package

It’s time again to introduce something new to the world of water and wastewater. This article looks at combining two current products, the DIN Rail Temperature/Process Controller (SCD) and Smart Programmable Panel Meter (SPPM), to create an instrumentation package that should interest customers with its versatility and customizability. 

Some of you might already be familiar with the Series SCD and Series SPPM. But, when these components are utilized in combination with a measurement device, they create one powerful package. The SCD allows for a variety of inputs, including everything from thermal couples to milliamp and voltage signals. Because the input selection includes process signals, it can be used with many devices such as pressure transmitters, flow transmitters, and level measurement equipment. The primary use of the SCD is to control the input through the use of its two outputs. Output options include relay, linear voltage, current and voltage pulse. If a linear voltage or current output is selected on the SCD, it can be used to retransmit the input to the SPPM. One of the advantages of the SCD when used alone is the DIN rail mounting and small size; however, this small package removes the ability to have an on board display. By taking advantage of the retransmission, it is possible to add an unbelievable versatile display.

The SPPM can be customized to display a startup image. This image can be anything from a customer logo to a picture of the plant where the system is installed. In addition, the unit can be set to display a variety of formats such as gages, charts and graphs. The current market is saturated by a variety of companies that compete with similar products, but the SPPM allows its users to distinguish themselves from the competition by having a customizable display.

These products have a high potential for multiple application uses. For example, a Submersible level transmitter can be used with the SCD and SPPM. This allows an individual to measure tank level, control tank level through the relay output of the SCD, and display tank level on the SPPM. The SPPM even has a graphic that displays a tank filling and empting. This combination would be used for chemical tanks or water systems. Or, if measuring pressure instead, then it is possible to use either a standard gage or a transmitter, which will allow you to control the pressure while still getting a simulated gage display through the SPPM. The combinations are endless. This powerful package can be used in many applications and is not only limited to water and wastewater industry; for more information, please contact the Dwyer Technical Sales Team at 1.800.872.9141.