“Thinking inside the Box” and Growing in the Water/Wastewater Treatment Industry

Dwyer has provided some of the best level measurement devices available in the market and has been particularly successful with a line of submersible level transmitters to suit a variety of applications. This line of submersible level transmitters includes the series SBLT2, PBLT2, MBLT, and FBLT. This range of Series  has been extensively used for a variety of applications such as monitoring the level of storm water pump wells, waste water pump wells, bore hole level monitoring, level monitoring in wet wells, and irrigation applications just to name a few.
In these applications as well as many others, it is also important to monitor the flow of the liquid in the pumps in order to ensure they do not operate in the absence of the process liquid, which can cause damage to the pumps and can result to costly repairs or pump replacement. The most common practice in the industry today is to install pressure transmitters and flow switches to monitor the liquid flow. These instruments perform well in these applications, however it becomes challenging when the pump station, wet well, or irrigation system can be subjected to occurrences of flooding. When fully submersed, general enclosure pressure transmitters and flow switches can end up damaged, rendering them completely inoperable. This is a significant challenge that can seem difficult to solve.
Dwyer, a leader in process and HVAC instrumentation, has a solution for this challenging problem. By slightly modifying the Series SBLT2 level transmitter to feature a ¼” male or female NPT thread, this series, which has been engineered to be indefinitely submerged in water, can now be used to measure the pressure within a pump line. With this option this Series can be screwed into the pipe work very similar to a standard pressure transmitter.
These options available are the “P1” for a ¼” Male NPT connection and the “P2” for a ¼” Female NPT connection. These units are available in custom pressure ranges and cable sizes at a very competitive price and short lead times.
For more information of Dwyer’s Series of Submersible Level Transmitters or water/wastewater instrumentation, please visit http://www.dwyer-inst.com/market/water