Don�t Install Three Pressure Sensors!

Save Time and Money by Using the Mercoid� EDA Electronic Pressure Control



Maintaining pressure is the primary objective in almost every booster pump system.� A booster pump is designed to provide adequate pressure to ensure water flow in a residential water supply, a fire suppression system, or in countless other applications where the normal or existing system pressure can be too low, to get the job done.� For a long time these types of pump systems would use a mechanical switch, like the Mercoid DA Pressure Switch, in order to control power to the pump based off the system pressure.� If the system pressure dropped below the set-point, the switch contacts on the DA would turn on the power to the pump and run the system up to the adequate pressure.� With the adjustable deadband on the DA, the pump could be protected from over cycling, while also letting the user decide the right pressure range for the system.

While the DA switch is great at doing the work to turn on and off the pump, how does a maintenance tech see what�s going on in the system?� Typically, to give a tech the information they need about the process, a pressure gage needs to be installed.� However with the addition of a pressure gage, there is an added cost to install, and extra space needed to fit the gage.� Additionally, as technology advances, customers and designers want more information about what�s going on within their systems. �Do you want an alarm point to indicate that the pressure is well outside the typical pressure ranges?� If so, you can install another switch.� Do you want to alternate two pumps to reduce wear and increase the lifespan of the pump system? �If so, you can install another switch and an alternating control.� Do you want to monitor the system pressure from a remote location or through a PLC or SCADA system?� If so, you can put in a pressure transmitter�or�you can do all of these with one product, the Mercoid EDA.

The Mercoid EDA Electronic Pressure Controller is an extremely versatile compact package that can replace a pressure gage, two switches, and a transmitter in a system; saving money, installation time, and panel space.

The EDA switch has two independent SPDT relays; one EDA offers a wide range of control flexibility.� Choose between a single set point, two independent set points, or set point and alarm.� For each set point, the on point and off point is selectable.� This allows for a user determined deadband as tight as 0.1 PSI or as wide as the full pressure range of the EDA model.� From there, each switch can be programed as either direct or reverse acting.� To help protect from erroneous switching, a time delay can be set to indicate the amount of time a set point condition must be continuously met before the set point condition is recognized. �When using two independent set points in a duplex pump application, the EDA offers the option to alternate the two switch contacts to minimize one pump from wearing faster than the other.

The EDA display features a large backlit two-line display to show the process value and units.� In addition to that there are also LED indicators to show the status of the switch contacts or alarm state.� A dampening feature can be adjusted to stabilize the display from instabilities due to things such as vibration and excessive pressure fluctuations.� With four different security levels, the menus can be protected and still allow the end user access to only the information they need.

The EDA transmitter can be ordered with the optional transmitter output in 4 to 20 mA, 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 1-5 VDC, or 1-6 VDC.� This output signal can be scaled within the pressure range of the EDA to offer just the right range of information.

Isn�t it time for you to consolidate your pressure sensors by using the Mercoid EDA Electronic Pressure Controller?�