Product Configurator - Series 1700 Pressure Switch

Model Number: (- Required Selection)
Switch Contact
1710 5 Amp Switch
1711 0.1 Amp Gold Contact Switch
0 0.15-0.55" w.c.
0A 0.15-0.55" w.c. with Bleed Hole
5 0.50-7.5" w.c.
5A 0.50-7.5" w.c. with Bleed Hole
10 7.0-15.0" w.c.
10A 7.0-15.0" w.c. with Bleed Hole
Diaphragm Material
S Silicone
B Buna-N
F Fluorosilicone
V Fluoroelastomer
Port Orientation
A Both Down
B LP Left HP Down
C LP Up HP Down
D LP Right HP Down
-PRESET Factory Preset
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