New Products

Series DFM Digital Flow Meter
Series DFC Digital Flow Controller
Series WPTN Multi-Jet NSF Certified Plastic Water Meter
Series WVT Vertical Water Meter
Series RPME FlexiSENSE™ Room Pressure Monitor
Series RPMC StabiliSENSE™ Critical Room Pressure Monitor
Series DP3 Differential Pressure Module
Series TABKIT Test, Adjust, and Balance Kit
Model TDFT Thermal Dispersion Flow Transmitter
Series SL-2000 Duct Smoke Detector
Series AVPT Pencil Style Air Velocity Transmitter
Series CDTC Communicating Carbon Dioxide Sensor
Series IEFB Insertion Thermal Energy Meter
Series WM2 & WMT2 Multi-Jet Water Meter
Series A-IEF Remote Display for Series IEF and IEFB
Series 638R OEM Pressure Transmitter
Series TDFS2 Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch
Series DFS2 Low Limit Freeze Protection Switch
Model TBU-00 Temperature Transmitter
Series AVLV Air Velocity Transmitter
Series TE-TNS Thermowells
Series RHPLC Wall Mount Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
Series 629HLP Differential Pressure Transmitter
Model CMS300 Carbon Monoxide Transmitter and Switch
TraverseIT™ Air Velocity Measuring Software Application
Series A-TC Thermocouple Wire
Series 3500 Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter
Series 3400 Smart Pressure Transmitter
Series 490W Hydronic Differential Pressure Manometer
Series DAFA Air Flow Indicator and Alarm
Series IEF Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter
Series WE35 3-Way NPT Brass Ball Valve
Series WE08 2-Piece NPT Brass Ball Valve
Series CDWP Carbon Dioxide Transmitter
Series 616KD-LR Differential Pressure Transmitter - Low Ranges
Series WRBT Multi-Jet Water Meter with Removable Bottom
Series WPT Multi-Jet Plastic Water Meter
Series WMH Multi-Jet Hot Water Meter
Series MTL5541 Galvanic Barrier
Series WNT Multi-Jet NSF Certified Brass Body Water Meter
Series BTT-E/N Temperature Transmitter
Series 2000-HA High Accuracy Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gage
Series AVUL Air Velocity Transmitter
Model LDPM Digital Differential Pressure Manometer
Series DBVL & SWBV NPT Brass Ball Valves
Series SPPM2 Graphical User Interface Panel Meter
Series VRK Valve Repair Kit
Series ARK Pneumatic Actuator Repair Kit
Series RTI2 Rate/Total Indicator
Series USB-300 USB Wireless Receiver