Series DFS Low Limit Freeze Protection Switch

Manual and Auto Reset, DPDT Output

This series is no longer available, see Series DSF2 for the suggested replacement.


Wetted Material:
Vapor-filled copper capillary, 10' or 20'.
Housing Material:
Plated steel case, painted steel cover, plastic set point window.
Temperature Limit:
Operating: -60 to 160°F (-51 to 71°C); Sensing element: 300°F (149°C) max.
Switch Type:
DPDT snap acting.
Electrical Ratings:
Inductive: 14 FLA, 84 LRA, 3/4 hp @ 120VAC; 12 FLA, 72 LRA, 2 hp @ 240 VAC. Pilot Duty: 720 VA max @ 120 to 600 VAC; 144 VA max @ 24 VAC.
Reset Action:
Manual or automatic.
Adjustable Range:
34 to 70°F (1 to 21°C).
4.5°F (2.5°C), fixed.
Agency Approvals:

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