Series ABV Automated Two-Piece Brass Ball Valve

Electric and Pneumatic Actuators

This product is no longer available, see Series WE01 for suggested replacement.

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2 - piece.
Line Size:
1/4" to 4".
End Connections:
Female NPT.
Pressure Limit:
600 psi (41 bar) WOG, 100 psi (6.9 bar) SWP.
Wetted Materials:
Body, End Cap, Stem: brass; Ball: chrome/nickel plated brass; Seat, Stem Seal: PTFE.
Temperature Limit:
300°F (148°C).
Other Materials:
Body Seal, Body O-ring, Stem O-ring: fluoroelastomer.

Power Requirements:
115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase. Optional 220 VAC, 24 VAC, 12 VDC, and 24 VDC.
Power Consumption (Locked Rotor Current):
Two position: U11: 0.55A; U12, U13, U14: 0.75A; U15: 1.1A. Modulating: V12, V13, V14: 0.75A; V15: 1.1A.
Cycle Time (per 90°):
Two position: U11: 2.5 sec.; U12, U13: 5 sec.; U14: 10 sec.; U15: 15 sec. Modulating: V12, V13: 10 sec.; V14: 20 sec.; V15: 30 sec.
Duty Cycle:
Two position: U11: 75%, U12, U13, U14, U15: 25%. Modulating: V12, V13, V14, V15: 75%.
Enclosure Rating:
NEMA 4. Optional NEMA 7.
Housing Material:
Aluminum with thermal bonding polyester powder finish.
Temperature Limit:
0 to 150°F (-17 to 65°C).
Electrical Connection:
1/2" female NPT.
Modulating Input:
4 to 20 mA.
Standard Features:
Manual override and position indicator except modulating units.

Pneumatic "DA" and "SR" Series:
DA Series is double acting and SR Series is spring return (rack and pinion).
Normal Supply Pressure:
80 psi (5.5 bar).
Maximum Supply Pressure:
130 psi (9.0 bar).
Air Connections:
ABV1SR610: 1/4" female NPT; all other models: 1/8" female NPT.
Air Consumption (per stroke):
DA1: 2.32 cu. in.; DA2, SR2: 9.34 cu. in.; DA3, SR3: 17.21 cu. in.; DA5, SR5: 39.54 cu. in.; SR6: 54.37 cu. in.
Cycle Time (per 90°):
DA1: .03 sec.; DA2: .05 sec.; DA3: .06 sec.; DA5: .18 sec.; SR2: .09 sec.; SR3: .13 sec.; SR5: .28 sec.; SR6: .39 sec.
Housing Material:
Anodized aluminum body and epoxy coated aluminum end caps.
Temperature Limit:
-4 to 180°F (-20 to 85°C).
Accessory Mounting:
NAMUR standard.
Standard Features:
Position indicator.

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