Series APV Piston Vibrator

Air Cushioned or Piston Vibrators

Series APV-C Piston Vibrators are air cushioned to provide low noise. This makes it suitable for quiet area applications. It is a good solution to prevent clogs on tank walls and material delivery problems. It can also be applied on vibrating separators and conveyors.

Series APV-I impact version piston vibrators can help to get rid of dust or material accumulated inside of pipes or tanks. It allows direct impact on the tank with low specific gravity and high moisture materials inside. It also helps prevent material build-up, pipe clogs, and rust.

There are air-breathing tubes located in both ends of the cylinder. Compressed air pushes the piston from one side to the other. Vibration power arises when the piston moves back and forth in the body. In APV-C air cushion at both ends produced by the to-and-fro motion will keep the piston from striking the body. Therefore, the piston will not produce much noise. In APV-I, air cushion at the top end is produced by the to-and-fro compression. This will keep the piston from striking onto the body top. The piston will strike directly on the bottom side of the body to produce a strong impact.

Product Applications

  • Bin vents
  • Bag houses
  • Dust collectors

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Model Description Usually Ships* Price Code Order
Ships: Call for Details
Price: $585.00
Piston vibrator. Call for Details* $585.00 B Order
Ships: 11-12 Weeks
Price: $359.00
Piston vibrator. 11-12 Weeks* $359.00 B Order
Ships: Call for Details
Price: $470.00
Piston vibrator. Call for Details* $470.00 B Order


Temperature Limit:
212ºF (100ºC).
Noise Level Range:
APV-C: 60-75 dBA; APV-I: 80-115 dBA.
Supply Pressure:
29 to 87 psi (2 to 6 bar).
Air Consumption:
See chart on Catalog page.
Air Connection:
1/8" BSPT female with 1/4" OD push to connect adapter on APV-C1 and APV-I1. 1/4" BSPT female with 1/4" OD push to connect adapter on APV-C2, APV-C3, APV-I2 and APV-I3. Also includes muffler for exhaust port.
Housing Material:


  • High strength aluminum alloy housing
  • Frequency and amplitude of vibration can be adjusted as needed
  • Low frequency and direct impact models available

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