Series BAP Bin Aerator Pad

Inexpensive, Quiet Operation

Series BAP Bin Aerator Pad provides positive flow of dry, finely ground materials from any bin using the proven principle of aeration. Low pressure air is introduced into the product, restoring its natural ability to flow. In this way congestion, bridging and rat-holing are overcome without resorting to brute force. Almost all flow problems inherent to dry, fine materials are caused by compaction. When low pressure air is introduced to a finely ground material it will flow like water – uniformly and quickly. Series BAP is non-clogging and provides equal distribution and consumption of air. The aerator pads feature simple and quick installation, are inexpensive, and adapt to any bin configuration.

There are many advantages of the Bin Aerator Pad. It provides a positive, uniform, and easily controlled flow with quiet operation. Also, it yields first in/first out flow. Heavy-Duty construction features stiffeners to prevent crushing of air compartment. These stiffeners eliminate the possibility of the Bin Aerator Pad being crushed by a head of material or by a man stepping on it when cleaning bin. The stiffeners do not obstruct the diffusion of air.

The BAP-K bin aerator pad mounting kit completely eliminates the need to enter the bin to install or service bin aerator pads. By cutting a 2-5/8" x 6-3/8" hole in the bin wall, the mounting kit can be completely installed and serviced from outside of the bin. After the initial hole has been cut, the bin aerator pad can be mounted on the adapter assembly and inserted into the bin in less than two minutes. There are no other holes to drill, tapping or welding. The bin aerator pad is positively sealed and securely held in place in the bin. Removal is just as simple and quick.

Aeration gives the best results on materials with a 60 mesh size or smaller and with a 3% or less moisture content. Specific materials that respond well to aeration content are as follows: Lime, Portland Cement, Carbon Black, Diatomaceous Earth, Flour, Soda Ash, Gypsum, Fly Ash, Pigments, Soap Powders, Bentonite, Bran, Clay, Cereals, Fullers Earth, Detergents and many others.

Product Applications

  • Powder and bulk

Models & Ordering

Shipping Information

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Model Description Usually Ships* Price Code Order
Ships: 1-2 Weeks
Price: $71.50
Zinc plated steel body with galvanized steel mesh and cotton diffuser. 1-2 Weeks* $71.50 B Order
Ships: 1-2 Weeks
Price: $75.50
Zinc plated steel body with galvanized steel mesh and fiberglass diffuser. 1-2 Weeks* $75.50 B Order
Ships: 1-2 Weeks
Price: $110.00
316 stainless steel body with 316SS mesh and cotton diffuser. 1-2 Weeks* $110.00 B Order


Temperature Limit:
BAP-C and BAP-SSC: 180°F (82°C); BAP-F and BAP-SSF: 600°F (316°C).
Supply Pressure:
3 to 5 psi (0.2 to 0.3 bar).
Air Consumption:
See Catalog page.
Air Connection:
1/8" NPT male.
See Catalog page.


  • Provides positive, uniform, and easily controlled flow with quiet operation
  • Non-clogging

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