Series 650 Temperature Transmitter

4 to 20 mA Signal, Two Wire Operation, Temperatures from -55 to 180°C

The Series 650 Temperature Transmitter is ideal for a wide variety of HVAC, industrial and commercial multi-point temperature monitoring applications. Non-polarized terminals simplify connection to any 12-35 VDC power supply. Capable of operation with long cable runs, Series 650 Transmitters are well suited for monitoring air or water temperatures at remote locations. Three models are stocked in popular ranges factory calibrated within 0.3% of span. All are linear within 0.25% of span and may be recalibrated within low range and span limits shown on Catalog page. Low range is temperature corresponding to 4 mA output. Span is temperature difference between Low and High ranges corresponding to 4-20 mA output signal.

Calibration Option available under Accessories.

Product Applications

  • HVAC system monitoring

Models & Ordering

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Model Description Usually Ships* Price Code Order
Ships: Consult Factory
Price: $343.00
Temperature transmitter, stocked range -23° to +10°C, low range limits: min. -32°C & max. -14°C, span limits: min. 24°C & max. 48°C. Consult Factory* $343.00 B Order
Ships: Next Day
Price: $343.00
Temperature transmitter, stocked range -7° to +49°C, low range limits: min. -12°C & max. +6°C, span limits: min. 37°C & max. 150°C. Next Day* $343.00 B Order
Ships: Next Day
Price: $343.00
Temperature transmitter, stocked range 0° to +100°C, low range limits: min. -12°C & max. +6°C, span limits: min. 37°C & max. 150°C. Next Day* $343.00 B Order


Silicone-junction transistor.
Output Signal:
4 to 20 mA DC.
Power Requirements:
12 to 35 volts DC.
±0.3% FS @ 20°C (68°F).
Within 0.25% of span.
Thermal Drift:
Less than 0.5% of span over ambient temperature range of 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F).
Probe Construction:
6" long, 0.25" O.D. Type 304 SS.
Temperature Limits:
Ambient: 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F).
Temperature Limits (Probe):
204°C (400°F).
Probe Cable Length:
7 ft (2.1 m).
Voltage Stability:
Output error less than 0.01% of span over the specified supply voltage range.


  • Field adjustable span
  • Low profile transmitter housing
  • Non-polarized wiring


Model Number Description Usually Ships* Price Code Order
A-325 Duct mounting kit with flange, fitting and hardware. 1-2 Weeks $18.75 Order
NISTCAL-TT1 NIST traceable calibration certificate for temperature transmitters. NOTE: EQUAL CERTS WILL BE CHARGED PER UNITS PURCHASED. Less Than 1 Week $125.00 N Order


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