Internship Overview

"The Dwyer Internship program is a great opportunity for engineering students to experience the various roles that engineers take on in companies. Dwyer hires interns to work with our Manufacturing Engineers, Design Engineers, Drafters, Product Managers, and Business Development Managers. The interns are able to work on projects that are in the concept stage all the way through the production. Understanding how different parts of a manufacturing business works will better prepare the intern for life after college and open their eyes to other potential career paths they were not aware existed. Many of the interns have either joined Dwyer's organization or reached back to share how the intern helped prepare them for their future career.

Manufacturing interns design test fixtures, develop process improvements, write programs for production equipment, and much more. Design Engineering interns develop drawings of mechanical parts and/or circuit boards in CAD, develop design enhancements to our products, conduct validation testing and many other types of projects. Sales and Marketing Interns develop instructional marketing materials that explain how to use our new products, develop promotional sales documents, and conduct competitive analysis and market research to help strategize future directions of the company."

- Mike Chhutani, Global Product Management Team Leader,
Owner of Internship Program