Product Configurator - Series SA1100 Diaphragm Operated Pressure Switches

Model Number: (- Required Selection)
SA1111 10 - 150 psig
SA1112 20 - 250 psig
SA1113 30 - 500 psig
Switch Type
E Snap Action Switch
HS Hermetically Sealed Snap Switch
HG Hermetically Sealed Snap Switch with Gold Contacts
Pressure Chamber/Diaphragm/Seal Material
A4 Aluminum/Buna-N/Buna-N
B4 Brass/Buna-N/Buna-N
S4 316SS/Buna-N/Buna-N
A5 Aluminum Housing & Fluorocarbon Seals
B5 Brass/Fluorocarbon/Fluorocarbon
S5 316SS/Fluorocarbon/Fluorocarbon
Switch and Process Connection
K1 SPDT Switch & 1/4" Female NPT
K2 SPDT Switch & 1/2" Female NPT
L1 DPDT Switch & 1/4" Female NPT
L2 DPDT Switch & 1/2" Female NPT
-AT ATEX Approved
-DRAIN Drain
-IEC IECEX Approval
-ST Stainless Steel Tag
-PRESET Preset
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