Product Configurator - Series MVR Mini View-Rite Level Indicator

Model Number: (- Required Selection)
Wetted Material
S Fluoroelastomer O-rings
I Buna O-rings
TB Top/Bottom Connections
SS Side/Side Connections
Process Connection Type
1 1/2" NPT
3 1/2" 150# Flange
Float Access
TP Top
BM Bottom
TB Top and Bottom
Drain and Vent
N None
D Drain, 1/2" Female NPT
V Vent, 1/2" Female NPT
B Drain and Vent
Specific Gravity
Specific Gravity of Fluid
Operating Pressure
Operating Pressure 0-400 PSI
Operating Temperature
Operating Temperature 0-300 °F
Operating Temperature 301-400 °F
Indicating Length (L1)
Length of Level Indicator 4-240 inches.
Indicating Flags
P Plastic White and Orange
A Aluminum Silver and Black
Visual Indicating Scale
N None
1 Feet and Inches
2 Inches Only
3 Meters and centimeters per inch
4 Centimeters and inches per inch
5 Millimeters
Output Option
-I 4-20 mA Transmitter
-V 0-5 VDC Transmitter
Model Number & Pricing Incomplete
Lead Time: 26 Days
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