Product Configurator - Mark Series Position Indicating Switches

Model Number: (- Required Selection)
Type of Control
1 Mark 1 Magnetic Coupling
3 Mark 3 Multi-Turn
4 Mark 4 Thru Shaft
Output Data
1 One Switch Element
2 Two Switch Elements
3 Potentiometer 1K Ohm 1/2%
31 Potentiometer 1K Ohm 1/4%
32 Potentiometer 2K Ohm
35 Potentiometer 5K Ohm
310 Potentiometer 10K Ohm
320 Potentiometer 20K Ohm
4 Four Switch Elements
5 4-20 mA Transmitter 1K Ohm Pot 1/2%
51 4-20 mA Transmitter 1K Ohm Pot 1/4%
52 4-20 mA Transmitter 2K Ohm Pot
6 Six Switch Elements
7 AS-Interface & 1 Switch
8 AS-Interface & 2 Switches
9 HART® Communication Transmitter
91 HART® Wireless Communication Transmitter
Switch Data
A SPDT Switch
B Inductive Sensor
C SPDT High Temperature Switch
D DPDT Switch
G SPDT Gold Contact Snap Switch
H SPDT Hermetically Sealed Snap Switch
I NAMUR Inductive Sensor
M SPDT Magnetic Blow-Out Switch
N SPDT MIL-S-8805 Switch
O Without Switches
R SPDT Hermetically Sealed Reed Switch
S SPDT Snap Switch
T SPDT High Temperature Snap Switch
V SPDT Snap Switch
W SPDT Gold Contact Snap Switch
Driving Method
A Direct Drive (Yoke) without Visual Indicator
D Direct Drive (Yoke) with Visual Indicator
E Direct Drive (Yoke) with Visual Indicator Single Side Window
L Lever Drive (Shaft) without Visual Indicator
M Lever Drive (Shaft) with Visual Indicator
Housing Material & Finish
0 Aluminum, Painted Black
1 Aluminum, Painted White Epoxy with SS Trim
2 Aluminum, Painted Red
6 Cast 316 Stainless Steel
8 Aluminum Painted Textured Gray
-B Directive 94/9/EC, KEMA 03 ATEX 2391
-C1 Long Dwell Cam
-C2 Double Cam
-EM Flame Proof INMETRO
-FKM FKM Elastomers
-FSL Factory Sealed Leads
-IE Flame Proof IECEX
-II Intrinsically Safe IECEX
-IM Intrinsically Safe INMETRO
-IS Directive 94/9/EC, KEMA 03 ATEX 1392x Intrinsically Safe
-J1 Junction Package with one connection
-J2 Junction Package with two connections
-LB Less Battery
-MT Metric Threaded Conduit Connection
-PP Plug J1 J2 Ports
-SS Stainless Steel Conduit Plug(s)
-STR Stainless Steel Tag Riveted
-STW Stainless Steel Tag Wired
-SUB Submersible Certification
-SV1 One Attached Solenoid Valve
-SV2 Two Attached Solenoid Valves
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